Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my test results?

96 Hrs or less depending on the test selected. A bacteria culture takes at least 72 hours to grow, test preparation and sending out results can take an additional 2-24 hours depending on test selected and current testing demand.

What test should I order if my home has a well?

The platinum test is the test you need if you own a home with well water. The CDC recommends testing your well once a year for bacteria.

Can I change my test to a different test?

Yes, you can change your order to any test. We will just need to know by the time the test sample is collected which test you would like instead.

Will I be charged any additional fees?

We do have a trip charge of $29.95 depending upon the area from which the sample will be collected, even within our service area. The trip charge will be applied to your order if applicable for your area.

How often should I get my water tested?

If your water is from a private well, you should get it tested once a year as recommend by the CDC to make sure you are drinking water that is safe from harmful contaminates.

Are water quality problems common in wells?

The majority of private water wells have at least one water quality problem. Some of these problems cause nuisance problems like stains, while others are legitimate health concerns. The most common health-related problems come from bacteria, lead, nitrates and man-made organic pollutants. The most common nuisance problems are from corrosives, hardness, iron, tannins, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor).

What is the difference between city water and well water?

1) City (municipal supply) water is treated by the municipality it is purchased from. City water must meet the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act guidelines.

2) Well water has not been or is only slightly treated naturally. Well water is mainly pulled directly from the homeowner’s property and is the responsibility of the well owner to treat.

What are coli-form bacteria?

Coli-form bacteria include a large group of common bacteria. While some of these bacteria are harmful, many are harmless. They are used as an "indicator" to determine the possibility of the presence of other disease-causing bacteria that may be in your water supply. Their presence does not guarantee that your water is unsafe to drink but it does indicate that harmful bacteria could be present in your water.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

If you find a problem with my water can you make a recommendation on how to correct it?

Yes! We are the water experts. Not only will we test your water sample. We evaluate it and let you know how it is. If we see a problem - we will recommend to you on how you can fix it.

Where can I find further instructions to mail my sample for testing?

Download this form to send your sample in for testing. If sending a bacteria test, you will need to pack it with a cold pack and send it overnight delivery.

I have city (municipal supply) water is it safe to drink?

All city water supplies should meet EPA standards; unless you have been advised to boil your water. Your water SHOULD be safe to drink if they are meeting the Safe Drinking Water Act Guidelines. You can always have us test it to make sure if you notice an odd smell or taste to your water. Or if you notice any other changes that weren't there before. If a company has told you the water is hazardous, then please contact your local water department to find out more.

How do I know what to test my water for??

Look at the land-use activities around your home. Pollutants that enter water wells can often be linked to activities on the land surface (mining, agriculture, industry, houses, etc.). Also, note any symptoms of your water (tastes, stains, odors). These too can be used to guide water testing. In general, you should test your water annually.

What are the drinking water standards?

Drinking water standards give the acceptable level of a pollutant in drinking water.

There are two types of standards: primary and secondary:

Primary standards apply to pollutants that cause health problems like coli-form bacteria, nitrate or lead.

Secondary pollutants apply to pollutants that cause aesthetic problems (stains, odors, tastes) like iron, manganese, or chloride. There are over 100 pollutants with a drinking water standard.

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