Professional Water Testing

Our professional water analyst will come to your home or business and collect a water sample for testing. We do this to guarantee accuracy of bacteria test. Test results are ready within 3 to 4 days.
Do you require a water test from a job site with OSHA regulations? No problem! Our water analyst come prepared with hard hats, steel toe shoes, vest, and safety glasses to safely enter your job site and collect a water sample for testing.

Water Test Evaluations

We evaluate your test results and let you know if there are any concerns you need to address. Even if you have received a test elsewhere, simply send it to us for evaluation.

Test Results in 96 Hrs or Less!

Bacteria culture takes at least 72 hours to grow. Test result preparation and sending out results can take up to an additional 2-24 hours depending on demand.

We Come To You!

A water analyst will come out and personally collect your sample from the source and submit the sample for testing. View our local pickup area. A travel fee charge may apply.

Fast & Friendly Service

Our team provides a fast and accurate water testing service. We promise to leave You Completely Satisfied, and this is always our Number One Priority.

Most Requested Testing Parameters

Bacteria Water Test

While coliforms such as Escherichia (E. coli) are able to survive long enough outside of water to be detected, other disease-causing bacteria cannot. Coliforms generally do not pose a danger to people or animals outside of the potential of food poisoning, however their presence is useful in indicating the presence of other disease-causing bacteria, such as those that cause typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A, and cholera.

Lead Water Test

EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agree that there is no known safe level of lead in a child's blood. Lead is harmful to health, especially for children. Lead can enter drinking water when service pipes or fixtures that contain lead corrode due to water with a high acidity, most comonly from brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and fixtures with lead solder.

Nitrate Water Test

Nitrate is a compound that is formed naturally when nitrogen combines with oxygen or ozone. Nitrates are also formed through plants and animals, or released in smoke and industrial or automotive exhaust, which can then enter into drinking water supplies through the process of runoff or by direct contamination. The E.P.A recommends under 10 ppm of Nitrates. Nitrates over 10 ppm may be harmful for infants under 6 months.

Hardness Water Test

Hard water wastes soap and detergents, forms scale and deposits, and clogs pipes, water heaters, and other water using appliances. 0 gpg = Soft Water, 1-2 gpg = Slightly Hard, 3-6 gpg = Moderately Hard, 6-9 gpg = Hard Water, 10+ gpg = Extremely Hard

Chlorine Water Test

E.P.A recommends under 4.0 mg/L of Chlorine. Pools are ideal at 1 to 3 mg/L, you wouldn't want to go out to a swimming pool and take a drink. Too much chlorine causes eye, nose, and skin irritation, and could possibly cause stomach discomfort. Chlorine can be absorbed via your skin causing more frequent psoriasis or eczema flare-ups.

TDS Water Test

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids is the total of minerals dissolved in the water such as calcium and lime. Calcium and lime come naturally from the water source and through the water treatment process. A high TDS of 1500 or more would be more like a brackish water source.

Iron Water Test

The E.P.A. recommends under 0.3 ppm of Iron. Over 0.3 ppm of Iron will cause red staining on outside walls and sidewalks, pool areas, gardens, and more. This occurs when iron oxidizes with oxygen/air. White clothes get a dingy pink color to them and tubs and toilets get dingy pink rings and stains.

pH Water Test

With Acidic water (a pH 6.9 or lower) your water becomes corrosive to copper pipes and fixtures. Ice and hair become a bluish green color. Alkaline water with a high pH is currently being sold in health stores as a way of cleansing your body. Household plumbing and appliances should have pH Neutral water. 7.0 = Neutral Water, < 7.0 = Acidic Water, > 7.0 = Alkaline Water

Turbidity Water Test

Turbidity is the measure of the amount of light absorbed by water caused by insoluble particles that are suspended in water. It can be caused by inorganic substances such as sand or clay, as well as organic substances such as bacteria or plant matter. Turbidity generally has no health effects, though higher levels have been associated with some disease-causing microorganisms which may cause headaches, nausea, cramps, and diarrhea.

Tannin Water Test

Tannic acid causes a yellow/brownish tint in the water. Tannic acid is caused from decaying organic matter in the water such as tree leaves.

Manganese Water Test

The E.P.A recommends under 0.05 ppm in water. Over 0.05 ppm of manganese causes brown/blackish stains on plumbing fixtures and clothes.

Sulfur Water Test

Water with sulfur has a rotten egg smell. Sulfur can corrode pipes, and cause blackish stains on plumbing fixtures, bathrooms, and clothes.

Other testing parameters are available upon request
Please call 770-864-3589 to discuss your needs


Wow they are SUPER FAST!

I got my bacteria water test results in less than 4 days. The last company I used took 2 weeks! They are FAST!

5 Stars & Friendly Service!

I will definitely use this service again. I was totally ecstatic with their service throughout the whole process.

Easy to Read Test Results!

The water test results were so easy to read and understand. Plus they gave us an overall evaluation of our water.

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